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How to Get a Legal Name Change in California

Legally Changing Your Name can be a life-changing and important moment.  There are many reasons someone might choose to get a name change.  They might wish to make their difficult-to-spell name simpler. Perhaps their name has bad connotations that they would like to rid themselves of. Or maybe they simply do not like their name for purely aesthetic reasons. Whatever YOUR reasons are, the Law Offices of Omer Rangoonwala can assist you with your California name change.

To legally change your name in California as an adult, you must file a document called a "Petition for Change of Name." For this petition to be successful, the document must be filled out and prepared properly, and a court hearing will be called to rule on the petition.

DO NOT waste your money and purchase legal do-it-yourself California name change kits or packets online. In most cases you will just receive a bunch of forms which are free anyway.

The Law Offices of Omer Rangoonwala can help you with getting your name legally changed. Save yourself the time and get it done right the first time.  We will prepare, file, and publish the documents that are necessary for your California name change and you will be represented by an experienced attorney.

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